Wittdün – Amrum

Wittdün never lets you forget that you are on an island because you are rarely more than a couple of steps away from the water. Wittdün Harbor is the gateway to the island. Ferries and excursion boats dock and depart while buses and the “Insel Paul” start their trips around Amrum.
As you might expect from a harbor location, the place is a constant hive of activity. Whether you want to relax in a café, enjoy some delicious food, or simply take a nice stroll: You will get your money’s worth in Wittdün’s special maritime atmosphere!
A little sandy cove is nestled alongside the colorful shopping street. Here you can enjoy some standup paddleboarding and savor the views out onto the Wadden Sea: Beside the “large” Wittdün harbor, you can catch sight of the rigs and masts of the boats at the navigation mark harbor and at the Steenodde pier.

Directly alongside the water’s edge, a promenade leads you around the most southerly point of the island. Wittdün’s Wandelbahn, or strolling path, starts at the harbor and leads you toward the western side of the bathing beach. This opens up into a vast natural beach, or “Kniep”, where a beach bar, beach chairs, and a pirate playground await you.
Two campsites are situated right in the heart of the unique scenery of Wittdün’s dune slacks. They complete the range of accommodation options available on the island. Towering above is the lighthouse, Amrum’s landmark, which beams its light far beyond the island.





Accomodation in Amrum
Ortsplan Wittdün

Keksdose, Café-Bistro & Pizzeria

Hafen 31, Hotel-Restaurant

Gaststätte “Blaue Maus”

Café Auszeit

Seefohrerhus, Restaurant




Scholle`s Buttze, Inselstr. 34

Crêperie am Hafen, Imbiss, Inselstr. 14

Café Auszeit, Inselstr. 95



Strandbar Seehund, Wandelbahn 1

beach chairs

Holger Lewerentz, Tel. 0171-3640029


Marcs Fahrradverleih, Am Fähranleger, Tel. 949077

»Raederei«, Am Fähranleger, Tel. 0160-97524566

Amrumer Radhaus, Achtern Strand 14, Tel. 9688045 oder 1314


Foto- und Buchhandel Quedens

Sugos Sport

Kiosk und Münzwaschsalon “Moin, Moin”
Inselstraße 6


Louisen Apotheke




This is Wittdün
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