Accomodation in Amrum

Much amrum for little money! For groups, families, young people

Jugendherberge Wittdün
Mittelstr. 125946 Wittdün / Amrum
Tel: 04682 / 20 10
Fax: 04682 / 17 47
Jugendherberge Wittdün

Schullandheim Honigparadies
Ualaanj 1
25946 Nebel / Amrum
Telefon: 04682 / 2349
Fax: 04682 / 4636



Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsches Schleswig
Marienkirchhof 6
24937 Flensburg
Telefon: 0461/8693-0
Fax: 0461/869320

Auf Amrum:
Schullandheim Ban Horn
Oodwai 1
25946 Norddorf / Amrum
Tel: 04682 / 94490
Fax: 04682 / 944919

Verein für Erholung- u. Ferienstätten
Berlin – Wilmersdorf e.G.
An der Fließwiese 44
14052 Berlin
Tel.: 030 / 305 13 82
Fax: 030 / 308 15 308

Camping on Amrum

»Campsite 1«
Campsite 1 is a campground for tents, caravans, and campers with a large selection of car rental options. Its beautiful location in the middle of the Wittdün dunes, connected to the beach by a boardwalk, invites you to sit back and relax. With great opportunities for the little ones to explore and play with not a car in sight, this is a vacation paradise for families with children.

Familie Schade
Campingplatz Amrum
Inselstrasse 125
25946 Wittdün auf Amrum
Tel.: 04682-2254
Fax: 04682-4348


Nudist campsite
The nudist campsite is situated at the foot of the Amrum lighthouse. 170 pitches for tents in the middle of the nature reserve that is the Amrum dunes – this is pure nature! The campsite is located directly on the bathing beach. You can choose from a wide range of sports including volleyball, beach volleyball, 5-a-side soccer, badminton, tennikoit, yoga, tai chi, and gymnastics. The children’s playground gives the little ones plenty of opportunity to play and move around. The guest evenings in the communal tent are popular with the young and old alike where live music is played and people sit around the campfire.
Website: FKK-Zeltplatz

Campingplätze auf Amrum

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