Süddorf and Steenodde

The villages of Steenodde and Süddorf are regarded as districts of Nebel, yet they have their own unique character.
In Süddorf, once typical rural island life still lives on. Here peace and quiet is guaranteed whether in the Frisian houses, in the fields, or in the secret forest dwellings. Süddorf’s bathing beach is an insider tip.
To this day, Süddorf has managed to preserve some of the rural coziness of the olden days. Numerous Frisian houses and the Süddorf windmill shape the village’s look. The cozy bathing beach gives visitors ample room for relaxation and creativity. Surrounded by heathland, forests, and farmlands, the village still conveys the rural flair of peasant life.

Steenodde is situated between Nebel and Wittdün on the Wadden Sea. Here you can find peace and relaxation as the tides roll in and out. The many Frisian houses with their flower gardens, the Bronze Age burial mounds, boats docked at the jetty, and life behind the dike give this place a special flavor. With its two restaurants, Steenodde also has something to offer on the culinary front.
Steenodde is your typical small Frisian village that you might find in a picture book: small, distinct, idyllic. Sheep graze on the dike, sailing boats and yachts drift by the pier, while two sandy coves invite you to dig, enjoy a picnic, or go kitesurfing.



Süddorfer Fahrradverleih, Waasterstigh 38a,
Tel. 04682-940940

Peters, Ual Hööw 3,
Tel. 04682-665

beach chairs in Süddorf

Süddorfer Strand
Thorsten Ertel, Tel. 0171/6471602


This is Süddorf and Steenodde – Frisian houses, beach, Steenodde bay, mudflats, burial mounds –


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Ortsplan Nebel

Plan of Süddorf

Ortsplan Nebel

Plan of Steenodde

Dorfmitte Süddorf


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