Helpful Infos for your Amrum-Holidays

Vacation with your dog

Dear dog,
We are glad to hear that you will be coming on vacation to Amrum with your masters. As I’m sure you are aware, Amrum is situated in the Wadden Sea nature reserve and is a bird paradise – tens of thousands of sea and shore birds populate the island landscape during breeding periods. That is why you must always be leashed on Amrum! This is important because otherwise you might scare away the birds. This obligation to stay on your leash applies in particular during the breeding season from April 1 to October 31 all over Amrum!
But we have set up dog beaches especially for you. Your master can find out where these are located by flipping over to the other side. You must stay on your leash here too for the safety and comfort of guests and children.

Small tip: You are not immune to the dangers of the sun on the sandy beach. Your master must make sure that you have adequate sun protection and enough water in your bowl.
Everyone has to do this. It goes without saying that your master must also collect any dog poo that you might leave behind. There are plenty of “dog poop bag dispensers” around Amrum but, of course, your owner should always have their own bags with them. And you really should use them because your droppings can be very dangerous for kids and expectant mothers and their unborn child. Your excrement can contain pathogens like, for example, the larvae of dog roundworm. And these larvae can survive for many months in the playground or on the sandy beach. Therefore: get rid of the poo!
Failure to observe this rule can be very costly. You should be aware of this. Refer to Amrum’s accommodation guide where you will find many lodgings that are dog-friendly. Here four-legged friends are more than welcome and their presence can enrich the vacation of their masters and the other guests provided that all the rules are complied with. We thank you for your understanding and hope you enjoy your stay on Amrum.
Should you fall ill:
Veterinary practice Volker Reck and Henrike Janke-Reck (every Thursday on Amrum)

Checklist: This belongs in the (dog) luggage
Address label with the address of the vacation residence for the collar
Dog blankie so that your pet can feel secure in new surroundings
First-aid kit for minor ailments
An adequate supply of special feed if required
Favorite toys as a little reminder of home
Care and hygiene products such as brushes and combs
Water and feeding bowls
Dog waste bags

Printing / Downloads

Conferences on Amrum

Conferences, meetings, events directly in the village center.

The village center of Norddorf is host to the Seeheim, a highly modern conference room equipped with all the technical requirements. This allows you to successfully conduct conferences, meetings, and small events while soaking up the “holiday atmosphere”. Infoflyer Download

K O N T A K T  AmrumTouristik AöR, Veranstaltungsleitung, Michael Hoff, Inselstraße 14b, 25946 Wittdün
Tel.: 04682 – 940315, E-Mail:

Emergency guidance system

Amrum – with safety!
On Amrum, there are around 170 signs that contain a location code in addition to known emergency numbers.
This location code is stored with geo-coordinates at our responsible rescue coordination center, which means that we will know immediately where you or other guests are upon specifying this number if need be.
If you find a sign on the roadside, your personal location can be easily determined using the emergency island card. You can get this card from any AmrumTouristik office.
Your safety organizations and AmrumTouristik wish you a pleasant stay.

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung und wirtschaftlicher Förderung

Visitor's tax & seasons

Dear guests,
We strive to make your vacation as pleasant as possible, to offer you an attractive vacation island, and a varied events program. For this purpose, around 50 people are employed in offices and outdoors during peak season to ensure that standards are maintained. They are responsible for keeping the beach clean and tidy, and for making sure that the dunes and other attractive walkways are always in tip-top condition. In addition, the children’s playgrounds and the spa facilities must also be well maintained. Furthermore, staff at AmrumTouristik ensure that the events go off without a hitch and – in some cases – that they are offered at a discount or free of charge.
Lifeguards at the beach look out for your safety. Staff at AmrumTouristik can provide you with lots of different information and are always available to give advice and recommendations. Of course, use of the reading rooms, library, and free Wi-Fi is all part of our service. This all costs a lot of money and is covered exclusively by your visitor’s tax.

Saisonzeiten 2017
C:   07.01.17 – 04.03.17
B:   04.03.17 – 17.06.17
A:   17.06.17 – 16.09.17
B:    16.09.17 – 28.10.17
C:    28.10.17 – 21.12.17
B:    21.12.17 – 08.01.18

Collecting visitor’s tax
Every adult visitor who stays on the island of Amrum must pay a certain amount (visitor’s tax) for the provision and maintenance of the facilities established for spa purposes in accordance with the currently applicable statutes. The payment must be made irrespective of whether and to what extent the spa facilities and events are used or attended – it is justified on the grounds of your presence.  Your day of arrival and departure count as one day when calculating the visitor’s tax.  As proof of payment, the guest receives a guest ticket – a security with benefits. Children and teenagers up to the age of 18 accompanied by a parent or guardian (does not apply to groups), and also disabled people with “B” classification on their disabled ID card and their care person, do not have to pay visitor’s tax! The guest ticket applies to the whole island of Amrum and, in some cases, to trips to other spa and seaside resorts in Schleswig-Holstein.

Delivery service for groceries!

The basket contains all the essentials in the event that you arrive on the island after all the shops have closed. And now to the shopping basket:
The offer available from the Frischemarkt Marcussen, EDEKA Amrumer Zentralmarkt in Wittdün, Kaufhaus Bendixen in Nebel, and Norddorfer Frischemarkt costs 35 EUR (approx. price).
We buy everything for you – all the essentials to get you through your first weekend if the shops on Amrum are closed.
The following articles are contained in the basket:
1 liter of fresh full milk
2 cartons of fruit yogurt
250g of butter
1 packet of assorted cheeses
1 tub of quark with herbs
1 packet of meat salad
1 packet of ham
A half-dozen eggs
1 loaf of brown bread
1 small loaf of bread for toasting
6-pack of crispy bread rolls
2 bananas
1 cucumber
1 packet of muesli
1 glass of Danish fruit spread
1 packet of coffee, 1 packet of coffee filters
1 packet of pretzel sticks, 1 bag of potato chips
1 bottle of mineral water, 1 bottle of orange juice
2 bottles of Flensburger beer
1 bottle of sparkling wine

Of course, we’ll look out for special offers and add products accordingly. If it is available, we’ll also include the “Kleinen Amrumer”, a calendar of current events, and a postcard at no extra charge.
We deliver the basket from 4pm daily, Saturdays and Sundays in peak season from 10am directly to your vacation residence.
Your shopping bill will be placed with the delivered goods – please pay on the next working day in our shop (shown on the bill).
Simply click on one of the supermarkets from the list below and fill out the order form.

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