Norddorf on Amrum

Do you like the idea of strolling through dunes, forests, and meadows, and enjoying an afternoon in a cozy little street café? Or would you prefer to reach the bathing beach at your leisure and appreciate the calm of the Kniepsand at the same time? Then you have come to the right place in Norddorf because this village offers a variety of landscapes within walking distance and the rural infrastructure of a North Sea health spa.
There is a large selection of accommodation options while the village center is tranquil and welcoming. People meet up in the pedestrian area, with its variety of cafés, restaurants, and shops, or at the small village squares around the “Seeheim” with a cinema, conference room, and other shopping options. You can also enjoy a round of minigolf while children can have endless fun at “Abenteuerland” on the edge of the village.
To the west, a wild dune landscape and the open sea await you. To the east, the fields and meadows stretch all the way to the Wadden Sea; to the south, Norddorf is surrounded by forest and heathland.
The northern tip of the island is particularly attractive. You reach the “Amrumer Odde” nature reserve by traversing the marshy grassland and dike. You catch a view of Föhr and Sylt as you explore the dunes where countless seabirds come to breed and overwinter. This is where mudflat hiking trips and guided nature tours begin.

The bathing beach is also multifaceted with its dog and nudist areas. Hire a beach seat, go surfing or catamaran sailing, visit the nature center or end a happy vacation day at one of the beach restaurants.

Accomodation in Amrum
Ortsplan Norddorf

Hotel Seeblick, Restaurant

Romantik-Hotel Hüttmann

Strand 33

Ual Öömrang Wiartshüs

Zum Fischbäcker

Onerbäänke, Fussgängerzone

Oomes Hüs

Café Schult


De Strunluuker

Die Muschelsucher, Strunwai 9


Rialto, Taft 5

Käpt’n Crêpes, Imbiss, Strunwai 18

beach chairs

Boyens, Tel. 04682/545

Jannen, Tel. 04682/2947

Martinen, Tel. 0171-9627679


Norddorfer Fahrradverleih, Lunstruat 9, Tel. 0151-20140605

Amrumer-Fahrradcenter, Lunstruat 3, Tel. 04682-96271

»Gerädert«, Nei Stich 7, Tel. 04682-554


This is Norddorf
– Minigolf, “Seeheim” with a cinema, beach, “Abenteuerland” indoor playground, northern tip, “Maritur” nature center –



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