Nebel on Amrum

Those dreaming of flower-clad houses and those who imagine rustic living rooms, church bells, cobblestones, and seafaring legends, and not just endless beaches when Amrum comes to mind, will feel right at home in Nebel. The island’s oldest village unfurls its charm with thatched houses, enchanting alleyways, and striking historical architecture.
Cafés, restaurants, and little shops all contribute to the homely atmosphere of Nebel’s village center; cultural events are hosted by the “Haus des Gastes” (guest’s house) among others. The tower of St. Clemens Church dominates its surroundings. In the cemetery, the inscriptions of old gravestones reveal the fates of Frisian captains from times gone by; a few steps further on, in the 250-year old “Öömrang Hüs”, you can visit the inside of a largely preserved captain’s house.

Another sight is the landmarked mill from the 18th century which acts as a small museum – and is still fully functional. It welcomes visitors with exhibitions from various artists.
You reach Nebel’s beach via scenic pathways through the forest, heathland, and dunes. The approach to the beach has a spacious parking lot and many will be glad of the boardwalk which leads out onto the water across the extensive Kniepsand. You can hire beach seats, go surfing, and enjoy the culinary delights; there is also a designated nudist beach and dog beach.

Accomodation in Amrum
Ortsplan Nebel

Hotel-Restaurant Friedrichs

Der Wattonkel



Preester’s Hüs


Dörnsk an Köögem, Dorfmitte


Venezia, Hööwjaat 2

Blaufeuer, Wassterstigh 24

Fisch&Meer, Imbiss, Uasterstigh 6

Café Claussen

Nautilus, Eiscafé & Bar, Uasterstigh 17

54°NORD, Discothek, Kneipe

Wein & Meehr

beach chairs

Nils Randow und K-H. Wruck,
Tel. 0170-2949670


Fahrradverleih Nebel, Uasterstigh 11,
Tel. 0170-2949670

Stefan’s Fahrrad-Verleih, Strunwai 8,
Tel. 04682-96262


This is Nebel
– St. Clemens Church with its historical cemetery, Öömrang Hüs, Amrum windmill, Vogelkoje, beach, Wadden Sea –


Nebel auf Amrum

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