Getting married on Amrum
What could be better than to say “yes” on the most wonderful day of your life and tie the knot on your dream island? And where exactly can you celebrate your wedding with a civil ceremony?
The choice is all yours:
• at Amrum’s lighthouse
• in Amrum’s windmill
• in »Öömrang Hüs«
• on the motor vessel »MS Eilun«

For more information, call the Föhr-Amrum registry office on 04682 941141.
You can reach us Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Beforehand, however, there are a few cliffs to negotiate.
Our advice for navigating through the sea of bureaucracy:
1.    Arrange an appointment (Standesamt Föhr-Amrum II, Strunwai 5, 25946   Nebel).
2.    Date arrangement for church wedding on Amrum if so desired
(Evangelical Church, Nebel Rectory, Tel 04682-2389, Catholic Rectory, Wyk, Tel. 04681-5573)
3.    Ask your local registry office for any documents that might be required for registration.

4.    Marriage registration then takes place at the island’s registry office. The documents must be sent to the registry office of Standesamt Föhr-Amrum II.
5.    Subsequent consultation with the registry office of Standesamt Föhr-Amrum II as to whether the documents are complete.
6.    Take care of the formalities one or two days before getting married at the Föhr-Amrum II registry office (IDs, specify witnesses and select family register if required, pay any fees incurred).

Fantastic places to mary on Amrum. Please click the pins.

Öömrang Hüs, Nebel

Eilun, Wittdün

St. Clemens-Kirche, Nebel

Windmühle Nebel

Amrumer Leuchtturm

Amt Föhr-Amrum

St. Elisabeth-Kirche, Norddorf auf Amrum

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