Amrum is situated in the middle of this natural paradise – the »UNESCO Wadden Sea World Heritage«. The richness of life on and around Amrum is extraordinary, with approximately 10,000 different species of plant and animal life inhabiting the area! Nature conservation associations organize guided tours and hikes.

Every day turns into an unforgettable experience of nature thanks to the unspoiled natural landscape and vast skies echoing the calls of sea and shore birds, coupled with an unequaled variety of species in the diverse island scenery. The Wadden Sea breathesin harmony with the tides while boardwalks flow through the peaks and troughs of the dunes. The expanses of the heathland and the island forest on the interior provide some scenic contrast not seen on any other North Sea island. The local nature conservation associations organize guided tours and hikes which bring you even closer to the island’s nature.

If you try your hand as a “Vogelkieker”, or birdwatcher, you will get right up close and personal to the animal world, observing tens of thousands of sea and shore birds, which with their cries and calls make the vast skies around Amrum so lively. Amrum boasts more birds than any other North Sea island. From oystercatchers to herring gulls right up to little terns – you are spoiled for choice. We watch common eiders with their chicks and common shelducks nibbling away. In spring and in fall, you can witness flying dunlins executing acrobatic maneuvers in flight across the skies. The marshes are inhabited by migratory wild geese.

The fresh water lake »Wriakhörn« lies directly in the dunes between Wittdün and the lighthouse. A planking path leads around the lake to the Kniepsand. Information boards provide information on flora and fauna and resting places invite you to linger. Here you can watch the resting sea and beach birds and enjoy the fresh breeze from the nearby North Sea.
A paradise for birdwatchers and nature photographers! From the nearby viewing dune you can look over dunes to the lighthouse. To the breeding season you can observe here many eiders with chicks on the way to the Wadden Sea.

The Vogelkoje – a small natural paradise

The Vogelkoje, or duck decoy, served as a duck-catching facility up until the 1930s. Today it is a natural paradise inhabited by geese, ducks, fallow deer, and many wild rabbits. Children have great fun in the natural playground, and a nearby kiosk provides refreshments. A nature trail leads you around the decoy, past its pond, through some moorland, and along the dunes. Visitors can go inside the decoy’s hut, with display boards providing information. You also get the chance to uncover a Stone Age tomb and an Iron Age village during this experience of nature. The Iron Age house represents something special. Go inside and marvel at how the ancient Germanic peoples lived. The „Öömrang Ferian “ offers guided tours.


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