The Amrum Kniepsand.
This beach is an absolute must! Definitely one of the largest sandbars in Europe – it is connected to the island and offers vast expanses as far as the eye can see for those seeking relaxation. You can quite easily get lost in the vastness of the “Kniepsand, as it is called.

With approximately 10 square km² of mainly soft sand, there is ample space for guarded beaches, nudist areas, and dog beaches. Colorful beach seats add a touch of flavor and invite you to sit back and relax. Amrum enthusiasts have set up some unique beach huts made from driftwood at various points. One of these Robinson huts has even managed to make its way into the museum as a work of art

Surfers and kitesurfers love this area because, in low and high tide, you can always enjoy yourself here in or on the water. A North Sea vacation is a wellness vacation; a fresh breeze is just as good as an invigorating massage, stimulates the circulation in the body, and therefore increases its self-healing power. Bathing in the surf is like a natural massage, and it does the whole body good.

In the past, the beach was an important source of income for the islanders with shipwrecks and flotsam. No wonder then that the islanders sometimes instigated matters by lighting fires on the high sand dunes to trick sailors into thinking that they were approaching the harbor entrance when in reality they would be greeted by dangerous sandbanks.

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