Here we make the waves – and you should be there too as the pleasantly warm North Sea waves (30°C/86°F) soothe and restore both body and mind. Equally invigorating are the massage jets, bubble bay, bio-sauna, steam bath, and Finnish sauna in the sauna garden. In the sand of our cozy Solair Med, you will be able to enjoy warm summer days no matter what time of the year it is. Or maybe you want to spoil yourself with a rasul treatment – a traditional cleansing ritual. This beauty bath comes from the ancient world in Asia, and has been combined with modern classics. It is a full body peeling ritual with mud and herbs and has great medical and cosmetic effects: purification, stimulation of muscle tone and metabolism, strengthening subcutaneous tissue, and therapeutic body peeling. Bookings by appointment. Flyer Preise und Infos.

AmrumBadeland · Am Schwimmbad 1 ·  Wittdün auf Amrum  ·  Tel. (04682) 943431

Öffnungszeiten bis 5.11.2017
Montag**        Ruhetag
Dienstag**        10 – 22:00 Uhr
Mittwoch bis Sonntag    10 – 18:00 Uhr
Wellenbetrieb von 10:45 Uhr bis eine Std. vor Schließung.
Letzter Einlass: 1 Stunde vor Schließung
Montag**        Ruhetag
Dienstag**        10 – 22:00 Uhr
Mittwoch bis Freitag    10 – 20:00 Uhr
Samstag und Sonntag    10 – 18:00 Uhr
Sonntags auch für Kinder unter 12 Jahren geöffnet.
Dienstags ab 18 Uhr mit Kaminfeuer in der finnischen Sauna.
Letzter Einlass: 2 Stunden vor Schließung

Dienstag**        10 – 21:00 Uhr
Mittwoch bis Freitag    10 – 19:00 Uhr
Samstag und Sonntag    10 – 18:00 Uhr
täglich        10 – 18:00 Uhr

**Sonderöffnungszeiten am 2.10., 3.10., 30.10., 31.10.:
Wellenbad     10:00 – 18:00 Uhr
Sauna    10:00 – 18:00 Uhr
Solarium     10:00 – 18:00 Uhr
(Änderungen vorbehalten. Bitte beachten Sie die Aushänge an der Kasse)

AmrumBadeland und AmrumSpa

Therapie Center on Amrum

amrumspa in Wittdün

Praxis für Gesundheit

Hüttmanns Trauminsel – Beauty & Wellness – im Romantik Hotel Hüttmann in Norddorf




Hiking and biking on Amrum

Tour A  Small hiking tour, duration, approx. 1.5 hrs (6 km)
Seafront with a view of the Halligen Sea, Kniepsand, and North Sea ➜ Wriakhörn-See (bird paradise) ➜ AmrumBadeland ➜ through Inselstraße ➜ navigation mark harbor with cutters, yawls, and yachts ➜ dike on the Wadden toward Wittdün ➜ Wittdün has plenty of shops, cafés, and restaurants where you can spend time and relax

Tour B  Bike tour Wittdün-Nebel and back (11.5 km)
Wittdün toward village exit ➜ Amrum lighthouse ➜ depending on wind conditions: continue through the forest (green triangle) or take a right through Süddorf (yellow point) ➜ visit the Frisian village of Nebel taking in the island church, historical cemetery, windmill, Frisian houses, cafés, and restaurants ➜ back to the Wadden ➜ Steenodde ➜ sea mark harbor ➜ Wittdün

Tour C  Bike tour Wittdün-Nebel-Norddorf (21 km) and back like tour B,
but ➜ continues on toward Norddorf (through the forest and over the “old agricultural road”) ➜ Norddorf with shops, cafés, and restaurants ➜ visit the bathing beach ➜ head back toward Wittdün

Tour D  Big bike tour Wittdün-Nebel-Norddorf (25 km) like tour C,
but ➜ also involves cycling around the Norddorf marsh and takes in the dike and Wadden view

Tour E  Beach day, duration, distance: depends on the location
Take the bus to Norddorf ➜ walk through the village ➜ Norddorf bathing beach with a view of Sylt ➜ or alternatively: Nebel, Süddorf or Wittdün beach

Tour F  Hiking tour, approx. 2.5 hrs. (7.5 km)
Take the bus to Norddorf ➜ Norddorf bathing beach ➜ on the beach heading southward, approx. 3 km ➜ to the cross light (“small lighthouse”), ➜ through the dunes over the boardwalk to the Stone Age tomb ➜ to the Vogelkoje ➜ through the island forest back to Norddorf

Tour G  Hiking tour, duration, approx. 4.5 hrs. (approx. 12 km)
Take the bus to Nebel, “Strandweg” bus stop ➜ toward the beach ➜ across the beach to the lighthouse ➜ past the lighthouse ➜ through Inselstraße ➜ approx. 500 meters toward Wittdün ➜ then take a left through the Steenodde forest ➜ back over the Steenodde dike

 Bisycle hire companies


Bisycles in Wittdün

Marcs Fahrradverleih
Am Fähranleger, Tel. 949077

Am Fähranleger
Tel. 0160-97524566

Amrumer Radhaus
Achtern Strand 14, Tel. 9688045

Bisycles in Süddorf + Steenodde

Süddorfer Fahrradverleih
Waasterstigh 38a, Tel. 940940

Ual Hööw, Tel. 3665

Bisycles in Nebel

Fahrradverleih Nebel
Uasterstigh 11, Tel. 0170-2949670

Stefan’s Fahrrad-Verleih
bei der Post, Strunwai 8, Tel. 96262

Bisycles in Norddorf

Norddorfer Fahrradverleih
Lunstruat 9, Tel. 0151-20140605

Lunstruat 3, Tel. 96271

Nei Stich 7, Tel. 554

Surfing, catamaran sailing, kiteboarding, paddling
Amrum offers virtually ideal conditions for surfers, catamaran sailors, and kiteboarders. Beginners can use the shallow waters to familiarize themselves while professionals can use the swell from wind strength 6 to show what they are capable of!
Information: Tel. 04682-1454

Stand up Paddling:

Amrum yacht club
The marina is located in the navigation mark harbor area of the Waterways and Shipping Office. Our club house contains a restaurant with the harbor master’s office and sanitary facilities. Just a few minutes away from the harbor is the village center with cafés, restaurants, and lots of different shopping options. From the nearest bus stop (7 minutes), you can travel quickly and comfortably around the entire island. There is ample docking room available for ships above and below 10 meters.

Dark Blome
Tel. 0176-94471123

Wattwanderung Rainhard Boyens
Tel. 0160-93545900

Wattwanderung Andreas Herber
Tel. 0171-4012057

Experience the “Wadden Sea – World Natural Heritage” with our Wadden-Sea-Guides . For an approx. 2,5 h hour hike, you can go from Amrum to Föhr, or depending on the tides, from Föhr to Amrum. Absolutely worthwhile!

Horse riding on Amrum

There can’t be too many better ways to spend a day horse riding, can there? Maybe this can be topped by riding beside the sea under a full moon, totally undisturbed with the whole beach to yourself, and with some luck the chance to glimpse the marine luminescence as each hoof step leaves behind a shining trail… You are allowed to dream, and for anyone who loves the austarity, turbulence, and vastness of the North Sea, your dreams may well come true.

Reiterhof Andresen, Hoofstich, Norddorf, Tel. 0170-9669254

Reiten für Jedermann, bei Gerhild, Tel. 0175-9779574

Outward journey from Amrum

Emobil on Amrum

Emobil on Amrum
With us emobil … only EUR 39 per day and you or your guests can get going on Amrum with an electric vehicle, the Renault “Twizy”!
With a range of around 80 km and a similar top speed, the “half-open” electric vehicle is a great way to get around and see the island while having an enjoyable driving experience at the same time.
We will be quietly making two of the new models available for rental this summer, offering those interested a simple way of experiencing an electric vehicle at first hand at a bargain price …
That’s the way the cookie crumbles …
•   You can reserve the vehicle at AmrumTouristik by calling
•   Driver’s license & personal ID must be provided
•   Daily fee must be paid
•   Quick instruction & off you go

We look forward to hearing from you! (Please note: available to rent between April and October. A rental contract must be concluded for insurance reasons; the vehicle can be used from 9am to 5pm. other times of use can be requested).

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